Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements Explained

Of all the different terms associated with bonuses, wagering requirements are perhaps the most tricky to understand. But they aren’t the only ones to look out for. Here are some other key restrictions that you should be aware of when deciding if a bonus is right for you.

Game Weightings – These are very important if you are thinking of wagering your bonus money on games other than slots. Weighting refers to how much your stake on a particular game counts towards meeting the wagering requirements.

For example, if the weighting of game is 50%, then wagering $10 will only count as wagering $5 towards your total.

The reason different games have different weightings is the variation in house edge. Slots generally have a larger house edge (4% to 5%) than table games (1% in Blackjack). For this reason it is quicker to lose your money on slots than on table games. In some cases an operator may even discount table game wagering entirely from contributions to wagering requirements.

Minimum Deposit – this is the minimum amount you must deposit to qualify to receive a bonus. Usually it will be $10 but sometimes it may be as high as $20 or $50. If you don’t deposit enough you will end up disappointed.

Maximum Wins – It is now common for online casinos to cap the amount you can win with a bonus. Usually this will be at around $500 to $1,000. It is another way for them to limit the damage any customer can do to their revenue numbers with bonus money!

Expiry Date – Most bonuses will be valid for up to one month after which time they will be voided. Don’t miss out – always make sure that you use your bonus before it drops out of your account.

Maximum Stake – When playing with bonus money you may be restricted to placing bets below a specified threshold. For example, on slots the maximum bet may be $5.

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